Our approach to safety

Sugartime is an app to make new friends. Users need to register and log in to use.

Millions of people from all over the world use Sugartime and, like in the real life, users are exposed to risks online. You will find below our approach to safety.

Safety when signing up

Sugartime users can log in with one click via Facebook / Google / Apple (ios system), which requires a username and password to access these platforms.

Sugartime users can register an account by mobile phone number and SMS verification code.

• When creating their account, users on Sugartime accept the Community Guidelines that make clear that we do not want Sugartime put to bad uses.

Safety when setting up a profile

Sugartime will ask you to authorize the use of functions such as camera, address book, geographic location, notification, etc. You can choose not to authorize, but you will not be able to use some functions in the program. • Users on Hoop must be aged 18 and above. They must provide their real date of birth. If we identify an underage profile or if a profile is reported as underaged by the community, we terminate the related account. • The username of Sugartime is private. They can choose to share it or not with users who request it. • Sugartime requires you to fill in the real gender to facilitate the chat matching function.

Safety when posting content

What can users post on Sugartime?


-LIVE video, 3 seconds long;

-1-6 photos;

-A voice, up to 15 seconds;

-Video matching chat.

• We use technical tools to filter these content:

- we perform image analysis to prevent users from posting photos that do not show their face,or choosing the wrong gender.

- we perform image and text analysis to prevent users from posting inappropriate content such as explicit language, nudity or sexual content.

• If inappropriate content is not flagged by our technical tools:

- human moderators can remove it and terminate the related account,

- the community can report it. Reported content is reviewed by our human moderators within maximum 48 hours. They can remove this content and terminate the related account.

• If a user on Sugartime breaks any rules from our Community Guidelines, we will terminate their account .

• We remind users of our Community Guidelines when registering.

Safety Tools for Sugartime users

We provide our users with reporting and blocking features:

• Users on Sugartime can easily report an inappropriate content or activity by clicking the report button. Reported profiles are reviewed by human moderators within maximum 48 hours.

• Users on Sugartime can easily block a user by clicking the block button. If a user blocks another user, they will no longer see each other on the app. Users on Sugartime can manage their blocked users from their profile’s settings at any time.

• If a user needs help about any personal issues, they can easily contact us at:

- hongyuankeji207@163.com

What’s next ?

We are currently working on new tools to reinforce:

• content filtering (photos and texts)